Public ‘I’

Curlicues is the musical project of Lisbon-based artist L.A. Foster. Long in gestation, his first proper EP (“Orchids”) arrived in 2013, its songs the remnants of a catalogue of private home recordings, presented as ‘The Plums’ in rural Warwickshire, UK, some years ago, and returned to and heavily edited whilst living in Saigon, Vietnam.

The Long Transition, a debut full-length, followed in 2015. Recorded in bedrooms and living rooms over a twelve-month period, these songs transcend their homespun origins, creating a magical sound-world from rich and intricate arrangements for guitar, piano, cello and violin. The album’s release was accompanied by A Killing Jar, a short film that acted as a thematic lynchpin for this early phase of the project.

Following intermittent live performances over the last twelve months, attention now shifts from guitar to piano for a haunting new EP, In Photographs (“Anxiety is Love’s Greatest Killer”). ‘Pink Blossom’, the first in a collection of hushed vignettes, patiently builds to a majestic climax over an eight minute runtime, its drifting horns quietly establishing a sophisticated tone that perfectly compliments Foster’s evocative vocals.


“Quietly working away, Curlicues has been building an amazing catalogue of delicate, intimate and ambitious folk music. An artist developing in a world of his own.”

– Bristol Live Magazine

“Naturally provides a bridge from the soulful poetry of the Montgolfier Brothers and the orchestral lyricism of John Grant. Timeless songwriting.”

– Indie for Bunnies